Thursday, 13 November 2014


I took a shot at my first abstract painting earlier this year, and with absolutely no direction as to how one should go about doing this, it was only after I started plastering my thumbprints on the canvas that I wondered if I’d gone a bit too far. The product of my ooze of inspiration did not reveal any concept at all, it was too abstract to sustain attention, it wasn’t something that I wanted to look at. And so a few months later, I gave it a makeover. Now I find it to be quite mesmerizing.

The How To:
1) Create or get hold of a colourfully painted canvas.
2) Use masking tape to create a pattern of choice.
3) Then paint the entire canvas white. I used acrylic paint.
4) Remove the masking tape while the paint is still wet (with the aid of a pin I could lift up the tape pieces quite easily).

Another one for my wall ;)

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