Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Last year my family and I all did the Myers-Briggs personality test. After stating your choice for each of the (approximately 80) questions, your personality type is provided by means of a 4-letter combination, e.g. ESTJ. You are one of sixteen different types, which can be divided into four categories: Analysts, Idealists, Sentinels (Guardians) and Artisans.   My family and I have read up a lot about it since then, sent each other funny memes, and when someone does/ says something, we jokingly respond with something like: “Well that’s because you’re an ENFP” or “It’s because of your J”. We each wrote one of our favourite quotes on a blackboard this holiday, only realising afterwards how well it reflects each of our personality types. We have discussed and scrutinised all the realms of the test, that we are actually getting bored of it and looking for a new test to try out.
Knowing the types of my family and some friends, though, has helped me understand where they get their energy from (I or E), how they take in information (S or N), make decisions (T or F), and organise their world (J or P). I am an INFJ, which is considered the rarest of all the sixteen types (which my INFJ friend and I were contemplating if that’s a good or bad thing). Nevertheless, knowing my type has been quite liberating. There is a lot of reading material about what INFJ strengths tend to be and what INFJ weaknesses tend to be, and many more interesting topics. Some famous INFJs are: Mandela, Ghandi, Batman and Elsa (from Frozen).   It has also been useful for gift suggestions, book recommendations, and so forth. Now, if I want to buy a gift for someone, I quickly google ‘gift ideas for ISTJs’ or if I’m interested in reading a book I look-up what is recommended for my type.
So I dedicate this piece to all my INFJ associates, idealists, confidants, creative wordsmiths, and simply, plain weirdos ;)…


I have met many parts of my Self. And each Self has its place.
I greet my Organised Self behind the work desk, as it tidies up its space.
Creative Self comes over when the house needs a new look.
And Insightful Self is enclosed between the covers of a book.
My Dreamer Self walks the path between Narnia and Rivendell.
While Optimistic Self drops two pennies in tomorrow’s wishing-well.
I never want to miss a drink with Fun Self, when it comes into town,
whereas Loner Self pulls the covers over my head when it doesn’t want to be found.
Sometimes my Selfs collide, and Weird Self is left standing tall,
And it takes the liberty to invite Unorthodox, Odd, and Geeky Self to the ball.
My Save-The-World Self reaches for a cape and settles the world's mess.
And at times my Self means nothing, then I am Self-less.
Some Selfs remain hidden because Mysterious Self's a real tease.
But each Self has its place to make an Extraordinary Me.


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