This is one of my favourite stories of all time .

Even though it begins in a tumble dryer. 

I don’t remember when Linley was tossed into life’s ferocious tumble dryer and submissively tumbled along as if the timer has been set to: indefinitely. She might not even have been tossed, but hopped right into it...all on her own.

Linley once carved toys out of wood,

was king of the hand-tennis court,

and holds the current record for sushi consumption in her neighbourhood.

There were those that called Linley a genius.
My aunt called her an eccentric.
And this one guy from Spain inexplicably called her "Anne."

When she was younger,

everyone thought
she was a captivating wordsmith,

a brilliant cook,

a creative genius,

and she believed them.

But now,
as she became a grown-up,

She wasn't so sure.

I don't know why grown-ups 
don't believe what they did when they were kids.

I mean, aren't they supposed to be smarter?

What Linley needed was the 
opportunity to prove herself

that she was something more
than she believed.

And that opportunity 
was about to appear

And so that's how this chapter begins...

Unlikely adventures require unlikely tools. The blog is a breathing room,  a journal for thoughts, a refreshing pool to receive support along her journey towards living life to the full and perhaps have the privilege to inspire others as well. If she's tumbling along in life’s ferocious tumble-dryer it’s because she decided to be there! Her sister has largely motivated her pursuit to making the most of life- she captures her journey at jam4joy. Her final acknowledgement is to her precious hubby and her muse- "may we always delight in the apricity life has to offer".

“We must face tomorrow, whatever it may hold, with determination, joy and bravery”
Mr. Magorium

Adapted from Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

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