Tuesday, 2 September 2014

WTS? = What to Snack?

For the past two weeks I have devoured the notion of ‘eat smaller portions and eat more often.’ This has led to my crave of a new hobby, which I dub as…wait for it…Snacking! Ok, not the epitome of new discovery I agree, but say it with enough oomph and volume and it nestles itself quite nicely into your memory cavity. The word cannot easily be said in gossip though. For instance, if trying to whisper to your neighbouring friend that you were “snacking on some carrots”, you soon realise that when the word escapes your mouth, it projects a sound which has a similar result to that of “psst”, as in, to alert another. And soon, unintentionally invited ears are tuned in as to what exactly you were supposedly sssnacking on!
This delicious pastime- Snacking (said with oomph)- has increased my craze of Tupperware. I now have divided tupperware and use all sorts of pinteresting methods to bring this new hobbie to life. Here are some of the aesthetically-pleasing, palate-satisfying creations thus far:

Plain yoghurt with a drizzle of honey. Muesli in a silicon cupcake holder. Half a granadilla and one date.

Carrots and green beans. Crackers to dip in peanut butter.

Apples wrapped with cured meat (I used choppa meat). With red tomatoes.

This combo is called Ants on a Log. Celery sticks smeared with peanut butter with raisins on top.

Cut veggies (carrots, green beans, cucumber and raw cauliflower) with traditional homemade hummus.

Fun to make and just as fun to Snack!

P.S. (which in this case stands for Post Snack) If you were one of those that could simply not resist uttering the word ‘snacking’ under your breath to yourself before the end of this post then I’m afraid that you have a serious case of what I myself have been diagnosed with…curiosity. It’s a disease worth learning more about…

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