Friday, 30 January 2015

Considering a book: Notes on The Alchemist

"The dream-doers are the bravest souls I know." L.F.

There is something disturbing of looking into the eyes of, let’s say, a baker, who was once a dreamer, a dreamer who dreamed of being, let’s say, a musician. But, whose dreams were placed on hold, thinking that he/she will get to them someday. As time passes, someday gets stuck between sticky-dough fingers, slowly suffocating until it withdraws entirely.    We learn to yield to our complacency and betray our destiny. Then, the treasure that we always imagined we would find, that which we longed for, becomes a memory, becomes something that our betrayal makes us now seem undeserving of having. This is a lie, this is fear.

In the book, The Alchemist, you experience this. You tag along with a Shepherd-boy who sweeps you off to Spain and to the desert and then jointly, you satisfy your thirst with some overdue introspection. It makes you think of your own dreams and aspirations and those that you've long-forgotten. What are you doing or going to do to achieve them? The Alchemist signifies, that when you want something bad enough, all the Universe conspires to help you to achieve it. If you find where your heart is, there your treasure is also. It's an interesting read and perhaps, it will help re-kindle some of those long-forgotten aspirations, though it may come at a hefty toll.

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