Monday, 25 August 2014

Where have all the women gone?

A woman once remarked: "why did they fight for women's right to work? I would have been quite satisfied as a stay-in wife!"

With tongue in cheek and in the spirit of women's month, which is also my birthday month (yes, I'm owning it!) here is something I wrote to add to the wordsmith locker. To all the lovely, inspirational women in my life...

Imagine a world with no women around,
not a lady in sight- just men to be found.
Pizza boxes and clothes on the floor,
No need to be a gentleman and open the car door.
With lipstick and mascara never invented...
Well, at least less cars would be bumped and dented.

LF, 2010- written for my mother's life orientation learners when they were covering the topic of Gender.

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